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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Ertugrul Ghazi arrival in Pakistan, which three children will have a special meeting here? Know that you also say "He won the heart".

 Ertugrul Ghazi's arrival in Pakistan, which three children will have a special meeting here? Know that you also say "He won the heart".

Ertugrul Ghazi arrival in Pakistan

Turkish actor Rangin Altan has arrived in Pakistan. He said in his video message that he would come to Pakistan on August 18 at the request of three sick children who have expressed their desire to meet him. That the favorite actor of Pakistanis Angin Altan i.e. Ertugrul Ghazi has reached Pakistan.

During his stay in Pakistan, he will meet various social and political personalities. Was broadcast on PTV with Urdu dubbing. The visit of Angin Ultan will further expand the cultural ties between Pakistan and Turkey, while in the future there will be opportunities to produce standard dramas and films with joint productions between the two countries.

The world-famous Turkish actor Angin Altan Doziatan has said that the drama "Ertugrul" will be so successful all over the world that he never thought of it. The drama based on the life of Turkish general Ertugrul Ghazi "Ertugrul" was a success in Turkey after its release and the series became popular all over the world through Netflix. However, since the release of "Derelish Ertugrul" in Pakistan, the drama broke all records of success.

The drama serial "Dirlish Ertugrul" is being dubbed in Urdu under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan and is being aired under the name "Ertugral Ghazi" and rumors of Pakistanis' love for this drama have spread all over the world. "When we were shooting the play, we knew in the beginning that it would be a memorable series, but this series is so unusual," said Altan Doziaten, the play's hero, who recently played the role of Ertugrul Ghazi. I did not expect success.

But we are very happy that "Ertugrul" is so popular. Turkey's popularity has increased since this series, which is very good news. "I think both the Pakistani and Turkish people Like well-crafted stories. "I was deeply moved by Ertugrul Ghazi's thinking, his purpose in life, his power, and his principles," he said. He was an admirable person. I am very happy that I presented the life of Ertugrul Ghazi on TV.

Dirilis Ertugrul Urdu

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