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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Abid Ali has completely changed his wife

 Abid Ali has completely changed his outfit

When he came for the meeting, he informed the police. He fled as soon as the police arrived, said Sally Kishore Bibi

Abid Ali has completely changed his outfit

Nankana Sahib (Urdu Point newspaper latest. September 17, 2020) the statement of Sally Kishore Bibi, the main accused in the Gujjarpura tragedy, has come to light. According to the woman, Abid Ali has completely changed his outfit. Reportedly, the police fled as soon as they arrived. According to details, Abid Ali, the main accused in the Gujjarpura tragedy, escaped by evading the police for the fourth time.

It is reported that on Thursday, the police raided Nankana Sahib to arrest the accused. Police were informed that accused Abid Ali was present at his sister-in-law's house, however, police arrived 30 minutes late. Accused Abid Ali was in a park with his sister-in-law when police tried to arrest him.

As soon as the policemen laid their hands-on Abid Ali, the accused pushed the officers and fled.

According to Abid Ali's sister-in-law, Abid Nankana's Rai was with me in Bilar Bhatti Park when the police raided but the accused still escaped. In a statement to the media, the accused's sister-in-law Kishore Bibi said that Abid Ali has completely changed his outfit. Abid Ali has shaved clean and has worsened the rest of his condition.

When Aad came for a meeting, he informed the police through a neighbor, but Abid escaped as soon as the police arrived. Earlier, the main culprit of the Gujjarpura tragedy had escaped arrest in Kasur due to the worst incompetence of the Punjab police. According to media reports, police received information that the accused would come to his relative's house in Raja Jang Tehsil of Kasur. After receiving the intelligence report, some police officers and officials went to the house of Abid Ali's relative and sat down.

When Abid Ali reached the door of a relative's house last night, he suspected the presence of police. Instead of entering the house, the accused fled in front of the police. This was the third time the accused had escaped from the police. When the accused escaped, the police opened fire in the air and a search operation was carried out in the fields for several hours. However, by then the accused had escaped.

It has been reported that arresting accused Abid has become a challenge for the police. The police and the Punjab government have repeatedly claimed that the accused will be arrested in a few hours. However, the accused managed to escape from the police four times. Accused Abid first fled in front of police in Qila Sattar Shah, then in Sahiwal, Kasur, and now in Nankana Sahib.

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