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Friday, September 11, 2020

Another controversial video of Mufti Qawi goes viral

 Another controversial video of Mufti Qawi goes viral

video of Mufti Qawi goes viral

Another controversial video of Mufti Abdul Qawi, a well-known cleric and former member of the Ruwit-e-Hilal A committee has gone viral on social media, showing him dancing with a foreign woman.

But Mufti Abdul Qawi called the video fake.

Speaking to The News correspondent Nadeem Shah, Mufti Abdul Qawi said that the video of his dance with a Korean woman was "fake".

He said that ever since he made a statement against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on inhumane atrocities in occupied Kashmir, a lobby has been active against him.

He claims that the lobby edited and put his face on someone else's torso.

Mufti Qawi said that the fake video was uploaded by a YouTube channel in the UK and the owner of the channel, Hamad, has also apologized to him.

Mufti Qawi has been in the news before because of many statements and videos.


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