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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Motorway abuse case: Alleged third accomplice of suspect arrested

 Motorway abuse case: Alleged third accomplice of suspect arrested

Arrested suspect Shafqat said that Bala Mastri came on the day of the incident but went back from the road. Police sources

Motorway Abuse Case Suspect

Lahore in the motorway abuse case, another arrest was made by the police. It has been reported that the police have also arrested Iqbal alias, Bala Mistry. Police said that the suspect had gone back from the road on the night of the incident. Bala Mastri was involved in several incidents with suspect Abid.

Bala Mastri was arrested from Chichawatni. Suspect Abid Ali and Shafqat used to work for Bala Mastri. Shafqat said that Abid Ali called me and Bala Mastri but Bala Mastri did not come. Al-Hassan and Abbas were arrested. Police will now further interrogate the arrested suspect. Police had arrested suspect Shafqat Ali yesterday who also confessed to the crime.

Shafqat Ali is 23 years old and is a close associate of the main suspect Abid Ali. Police had arrested Shafqat Ali from Depalpur yesterday. The suspect has confessed to raping the woman in front of the police. Police said that he is a resident of Haroonabad tehsil of Bahawalnagar district. He has been associated with various gangs in Punjab. Shafqat Ali and his family have been involved in crimes before.

Suspect Shafqat Ali along with Abid committed 11 incidents. Suspect Shafqat Ali in his confessional crime given to the police said that Abid and I had robbed on the motorway together. Abid Ali, the main suspect in the incident, is my accomplice in the crime. First, we robbed, then raped the woman. He used to commit incidents together with Abid Ali. Abid had built Lahore for the incident. He spent one night in Qila Sattar village. After the matter came to light, he went to Depalpur. While Abid Ali went to his father, the last contact with Abid was three days ago.

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