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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Terrible exposes of the people of the area regarding the suspect of the Gujrapura tragedy

 Terrible exposes of the people of the area regarding the suspect of the Gujrapura tragedy

suspect of Gujrapura tragedy

Abid Ali kills his uncles for preventing crimes, abuses children, case of mass rape of mother and daughter was dropped

Fort Abbas Terrible revelations of the people of the area regarding the accused in the Gujrapura tragedy. Abid Ali killed his uncles after preventing them from committing crimes. The rape case was dropped under political pressure. According to details, after the Gujjarpura's tragedy, the shortcomings of the police, and the justice system in the country have become completely apparent.

Locals have made horrific revelations regarding Abid Ali and his accomplices, the main accused in the Gujjarpura rape case. Accused Abid Ali belongs to Chak 260 of Fort Abbas. Locals have revealed that the accused was also involved in abusing children. The accused and his accomplices had forbidden the villagers to live.

These people continued to rob the villagers of their honor, robbery, and murder.

Accused Abid Ali also abused children. When his uncles tried to stop Abid Ali from committing crimes, the accused also killed him. The accused later gang-raped a woman and her daughter along with their accomplices. The accused had the backing of political people, Abid Ali was saved from the case of gang rape by a woman and her daughter.

Locals further say that years ago, Abid Ali and his associates were able to get out of the village with great difficulty. It was further revealed that the two main accused in the Gujjarpura tragedy were released after their arrest last month. Abid Ali, the main accused in the Gujjarpura tragedy, was arrested in August last year but was later released.

His accomplice Waqarul Hassan, another accused in the Gujjarpura tragedy, was also released 14 days ago. Waqar al-Hassan has also been charged with robbery and sexual assault but was released on bail. Accused Abid Ali first came to the notice of the police in 2013 due to his heinous crimes. In 2013, Abid Ali and his accomplices stormed the home of a laborer and gang-raped his wife and 15-year-old daughter in front of him for hours. Later, when the victim contacted the police, the police did not take any action against the accused.


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