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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

The most horrible and tragic end of an 18-year love affair

 The most horrible and tragic end of an 18-year love affair

Woman cuts off the genitals of a cheating lover and deprives him of masculine qualities

most horrible and tragic

Lahore, The most horrible and tragic end of a relationship spanning 18 years of love. The woman cut off the genitals of Ashna, who cheated on her in love, and deprived her of her masculine qualities. According to the details, a very disturbing incident has taken place in Harbanspura area of ​​Lahore in which Mehbooba has cut off the sexual organs of her lover.

According to media reports, Iqbal, a laborer from Vehari, had an illicit affair with his wife and this relationship has been going on for a long period of 18 years. At the same time, however, their relationship deteriorated. Sources said that Iqbal had seven other relations with another woman on which the woman decided to punish him knowingly for cheating.

It is reported that the woman called Iqbal, a laborer, to her house under the pretext of having sex with him and then, as soon as she got the chance, cut off her delicate body parts and deprived her of her masculine qualities forever.

After losing his limbs, Iqbal went to Harbanspura police station in critical condition and registered a case against his girlfriend. According to media reports, the woman is still missing. The woman fled immediately after the incident. According to the latest information, the police have started the operation after completing the preliminary investigation.


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