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Friday, September 11, 2020

The woman, who was abused on the motorway gave details of the abuse

 The woman, who was abused on the motorway gave details of the abuse

motorway Incident

The car ran out of petrol and locked the windows. Two men came with sticks and stones. They broke the windows and took the children away. The woman ran after the accused of the sake of the children.

Lahore (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper - September 11, 2020) Two days ago, a horrific incident took place on the motorway where a woman was raped. The well-known journalist Fareeha has shared the details of the telephone conversation with the abused woman.

Moterway Incident

He said that a very sad conversation took place with the abused woman in Lahore

Her story is heartbreaking. The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of Punjab should show zero tolerance on this issue. The victim is literate and has traveled this route several times.

In another tweet, Fareehi said the woman said she was at her relative's house.

He had advised not to travel at that time but he felt safe and decided to travel on the same route as before. Surprisingly, the car ran out of petrol. When the car stopped, the motorway police immediately called the emergency number. The police took his location. He was aware of the situation so he locked his windows and doors.

Moterway Incident

Two men came out of nowhere and started threatening him. They had five sticks and heavy stones. They smashed car windows with sticks and stones. Fareeha said that they beat the woman badly. The woman as well as the children were severely beaten.

The beasts grabbed the small child and ran away for which the woman also ran after them. When police arrived, they found the windows of the woman's car broken. They then reported the matter to local police. The woman was critically injured and her legs were swollen and her head was bleeding.

Moterway Incident

The condition of the children was also bad. When the police personnel rescued the woman and the children, they were addicted to mud while the children were completely dead.

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