Awan tribe Many writers have advanced different theories about the origin of the Awans. Hair Krishan Ray considers them to be of purely Hindu origin.. He says the word Awan is of Sanskrit language which mcans helper. He further says that these people got this name due to successful defence against any foreign aggression. After their conversion to Islam they attached themselves with Qutb Shah and started to call them Qutb Shahi Awan. Major Wace is inclined to give them a Jat origin. Raverty considers them the blend of Badri tribes which was originally Hindu.

History of Awan Tribe

According to H.A. Rose the Awans have an Arabian Origin and are descendants of Qutb Shah. He traces their lineage to Hazrat Ali. In his view the descendants of Ali assisted Sabuktageen in his Indian adventure for which he bestowed the title of Awan on them, which means assistants. Malik Fazal Dad Khan has supported this theory but with some modification. He also considers them of Arabian origin and traces their lineage to Hazrat Ali. But according to him Abdullah Rasul-Mirza was the remote ancestor of the Awans. In 8th century, he was made a commander of the army of Ghaur by Caliph Haroon-ur-Rasheed, with the title of Awan and his descendants are called the Awans. Sabiha Shaheen, in her theses for her M.A. degree considers this theory as tenable. She further says that Qutb Shah fled to India along with a small group of people due to Mongol attack, and joined the court of Altamash. His descendants are called the Qutb Shahi Awans. They settled themselves in the Punjab but when the Mongol ravaged Punjab probably at that time the Awans came to Hazara. They are split up into numerous clans. The best known of these clans are the Chauhans, Khokhar, Golra, Kalga, Rhan, Chajji, Shial, Jand, Mumnal, Sadian, Parbat etc. the Awans are Scattered Throughout the district. The are good cultivators and most of them are Qutb Shahi.

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