Golra Sharif Junction railway station Islamabad
Golra Sharif Junction railway station Islamabad

Located on the outskirts of Islamabad, the Golra Sharif Railway Station has undergone a remarkable transformation into a renowned heritage museum, surpassing its role as a mere transportation hub. Situated on Golra Road in the federal capital of Pakistan, this historic station boasts a long history, dating back to 1882, and was elevated to the status of a junction in 1912. Over the course of a century, it has catered to the transportation needs of surrounding villages and beyond.

Today, the Golra Sharif Railway Station is a captivating sight for visitors. Accessed via a well-paved road, it welcomes guests with a picturesque landscape adorned with ancient banyan trees, steam engines, and an enchanting Victorian-style building, all contributing to the station’s tranquil atmosphere.

However, it is the Railway Heritage Museum housed within the station that truly steals the spotlight. Since its establishment in October 2003, this exceptional museum has gone above and beyond the traditional concept of an exhibition hall. It proudly presents a remarkable array of old locomotives, steam engines, and lifters showcased on the platform.

Weekdays witness an average of 20 to 30 visitors exploring the museum, while weekends attract a higher footfall, with numbers reaching up to a hundred individuals. Local schools also organize educational trips to the museum, offering students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich railway heritage. A nominal entry fee of 10 rupees, equivalent to a platform ticket, allows visitors to access this extraordinary attraction.

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