The Hazara Division, located in the northern region of Pakistan, is a captivating and picturesque area. It was established in 1970 after the dissolution of West Pakistan, by merging Hazara District and two tribal agencies. The division’s administrative center is Abbottabad. Initially, it consisted of three districts: Abbottabad, Kohistan, and Mansehra. However, over time, Haripur district was separated from Abbottabad District, and Battagram District emerged from Mansehra District.
Hazara Division Beautiful northern area KPK
Hazara Division Beautiful northern area KPK

History of Hazara

Hazara, originally a district, underwent a significant transformation in 1976 when it was upgraded to a division. During this time, Mansehra acquired the status of a fully-fledged district, encompassing Mansehra and Battagram Tehsil. Later, in July 1991, Haripur Tehsil was separated from Abbottabad and established as an independent district. Consequently, only the former Tehsil of Abbottabad remained, which was designated as Abbottabad District.

In 2000, a restructuring took place, leading to the abolition of administrative divisions. As a result, the existing districts were elevated to the new third tier of government in Pakistan. Presently, the Hazara Division is divided into six districts, each with its own unique administrative jurisdiction.

The Hazara Division is further divided in to Six Districts.
  1. Abbottabad District

  2. Battagram District 

  3. Haripur District 

  4. Kohistan District 

  5. Kala Dhaka District

  6. Mansehra District.

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