Jinnah Sports Stadium Islamabad A sports complex comprising liaquat Gymnasium for indoor games and Jinnah stadium for outdoor games has been build with the Chinese assistance. It is located on Shahrah-e-Kashmir near Aabpara, Regular national and international sports events are held in the Islamabad Sports complex.

Jinnah Sports Stadium Islamabad
Jinnah Sports Stadium Islamabad

History Jinnah Sports Stadium Islamabad

This stadium was build China in 1980s. the stadium is under utilized due to leak of interest & shortage of funds in sports by the governments. You need membership to visit this place. almost every sport is played here. well maintained place. When some body used to visit this place on sports day. eating facilities are limited for which you have to visit Aabpara market which is nearby. This is an excellent facility for many sports. It provides facilities for athletics and indoor sports also.


Tennis, swimming, squash, basketball. A lot of sports were offered and it was just a lovely experience. The SAF games at the complex once and it was just an amusement to see. It sad that now due to certain reasons international events don’t take place anymore, but still nonetheless the place is one of a kind. A neat clean, beautiful stadium which is located at a wonderful place. Just visiting it is a pleasant experience. Seeing various sports activities that take place there is exciting & enjoyable.

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