Murghzar mini zoo. Murghzar mini zoo and childern’s park it is located at the foot of Damin-e-Koh view point. A display corner of Pakistan Museum of Natural History and Japanese style children’s park have also been established near the zoo. The park is a gift to Pakistani children from the children of Japan.

Murghzar mini zoo and children's park
Murghzar mini zoo and children’s park

Murghzar mini zoo

However it offers a rare treat for the residents and tourists which is not available in any other place in Pakistan. The novelty at the Marghzar Zoo is the installation of 24 life-size sculptures of dinosaurs. Visitors to the Dino Park are able to visualize the Jurassic Era in which the now extinct terrestrial reptiles roamed freely. The Dinosaur Park at the Marghazar Zoo is the only of its kind in Islamabad Pakistan. Somehow I feel the models of the prehistoric species are far better off than the live animals on exhibit in the zoo as there is insufficient space for animals and they are placed in very small cages.


Some of the species whose models are on display are the Brachiosaurus, Argentinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus, Deinonychus, Polacanthius, Triceratops, Spinosaurus etc. complete with plaques to give detailed description of their era, habitats, eating habits etc. With the beautiful Margalla Hills in the backdrop, this is a perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon with children, a picnic basket and of course, a camera. 

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