Muzaffarabad is the capital city of Azad Kashmir which is 138 kilometers (86 mi)
away from Rawalpindi and Islamabad, accessible via Kohala bridge and Hazara
motorway. It is located at the confluence of Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The thriving
cottage industry in the area revolves around furniture making, wood carving,
garment making and embroidery work. Qulcha and Bakar Khani are the traditional
food items of Muzaffarabad and are liked at national and international level.

Leepa Valley Muzaffarabad 

Leepa Valley is the most charming and most beautiful valley in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. A metalled road branches off for Leepa Valley from Naily, 45 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, climbs above the Reshian Gali 3200 meters high and then descends to 1677 meters on the other side into the valley. It spells bounds one and all who visit this valley. Leepa Valley remains open for home tourists only from May to November. Listed below are the few places of interest for tourists:

Muzaffarabad city Muzaffarabad District Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan
Muzaffarabad City Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan
  • Chananian
  • Leepa
  • Dao Khan


Chananiari is situated about 62 kilometers from Naily and 36 kilometers from Reshian, it is located opposite to Leepa, close to the Line of Control (LOC), at an elevation of 2226 meters. Enclosed by wide pine forest and Nullah Qazi Naag flowing nearby it, Chananian is also a worth seeing place in Leepa. From Reshian beyond, one has to rent jeeps for voyage to Leepa Valley and other places.

Neelam valley Muzaffarabad District Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan
Neelam valley Neelam valley Muzaffarabad District Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan

Leepa Muzaffarabad :

Leepa is a tiny town about 60 kilometers from Naily and 38 kilometers from Reshian, at an elevation of 1921 meters. It’s flourishing rice fields in summer and classic wooden Kashmiri houses present a magnificent view to the people visiting the region. Apple, Walnut, Cherry and Honey of Leepa are very popular and in immense demand.
Muzafarabad Valley Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan
 Muzafarabad Valley Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan

Dao Khan:

Dao Khan is located some 75 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. An unpaved but well maintained road branches off from Reshian to Dao Khan, (4 kilometers from Reshian), which is now well known due to its high elevation (2490 meters), calm and cool environment, outstanding scenic beauty and panoramic views. Accommodation facilities through Tourist Rest House and Forest Rest House are on hand. Due to flow of visitors in the summer season, AJK Tourism Dept. also offers tent service for housing.
Neelum valley Muzafarabad Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan
Neelum valley Muzafarabad Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan

Pir Chinasi

A 30 kilometers eastward journey from Muzaffarabad takes one to the breathtaking location Pir Chinasi, it is situated at the height of 9,500 feet. Due to its marvelous charming beauty, lush green plateaus and magnificent weather, it wins the hearts of nature lovers. The view of the peak of the neighboring mountain peaks spell bounds a visitor. Devotees of Saint Shah Hussain Bukhari, take pilgrimage to refresh their dust heart. The neighboring Pir Asimar, Phawna Da Danna and the areas in the bottom of Pir Chinasi, i.e. Saran, Sud Bun, Mushki, Sakki and Jarran Phirran are also worth seeing and perfect for hiking, trekking and camping activities. A Tourist Lodge at Saran provides lodging services to the tourists. A visit to Pir Chinasi will convey the visitor’s breathtaking views of the Jhelum Valley and the magnificent snow-covered mountains. One can get to view several trekking trails and paths amidst a scenic setting. It is a beloved spot for the trekkers and the tourists with a daring bent of mind. A trekking knowledge will surely add a special taste to the entire journey.

What Not to Do

Do not Photograph bridges and military installations,
Do not swim in the rivers
Do not Travel without your passport and other travel documents in the Northern Areas.
Do not Photograph local women without his permission
Do not Drive on mountain roads at night.

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