Situated within the National Park Area on Garden Avenue, the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) offers a fascinating exploration of early human history, geology, and wildlife in Pakistan. Since its establishment in 1976, under the auspices of the Pakistan Science Foundation and the Ministry of Science & Technology, the museum has been a valuable resource for students and children. The exhibits within the museum captivate visitors, and the best part is that entry to the museum is free of charge. The PMNH is located at Garden Avenue, Shakarparian, Islamabad, and serves as a testament to the rich natural heritage of Pakistan.

Pakistan Museum is beautiful historic place in Islamabad
Pakistan Museum is beautiful historic place in Islamabad
Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad

Pakistan Museum beautiful historic place

The Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) encompasses four main divisions: Botanical Sciences Division, Zoological Sciences Division, Earth Sciences Division, and Public Services Division. Each division focuses on distinct areas of study and engagement. The Botanical Sciences Division is dedicated to collecting, identifying, and conducting research on plant life in Pakistan. Similarly, the Zoological Sciences Division focuses on the collection, identification, and research of animals found in the region. The Earth Sciences Division primarily investigates mineral resources and conducts related research activities.

On the other hand, the Public Services Division plays a crucial role in the museum’s mission by promoting mass education and popularizing natural history. This division achieves its objectives through various displays, exhibits, and dioramas that engage and educate visitors. Together, these divisions contribute to the PMNH’s comprehensive exploration and dissemination of knowledge about Pakistan’s rich biodiversity and natural resources.


To showcase the immense wealth of Pakistan’s natural history and our unwavering commitment to conservation and raising awareness, the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH) has undertaken several notable initiatives. At the entrance point, a striking feature awaits visitors in the form of a large Blue Whale skeleton display. This awe-inspiring exhibit sets the tone for the museum experience. Additionally, a significant highlight is the installation of a monumental model of Baloch Itherium, adding to the grandeur of the museum.

Furthermore, the PMNH continually enriches its display galleries by regularly adding new natural history specimens. This ensures a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for visitors, while emphasizing the diversity and importance of Pakistan’s natural heritage. These efforts aim to create awareness among the general public and students about the significance of conservation.

The museum has also embraced technological advancements to enhance visitor engagement. Projects such as the Virtual Orientation Gallery (VOG) provide an immersive experience, allowing visitors to explore and learn in a virtual environment. Additionally, the Biodiversity Database and Global Networking (BGN) initiative facilitates the documentation and sharing of vital biodiversity information on a global scale.

Collectively, these endeavors reflect the PMNH’s dedication to preserving Pakistan’s natural treasures, while fostering a sense of appreciation and responsibility towards conservation among the people of Pakistan.

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