Rawalakot beautiful lush green valley AJK. Rawalakot “depends upon the season in which you are visiting the valley. If you are visiting the pearl valley Rawalakot in summers, then it is better to wear cotton clothes. Although, like other places in Pakistan, Rawalakot Kashmir is not very hot in summers, still, the weather is a little bit warm. For spring season and autumn season, light woolens are the perfect clothes to wear in Rawalakot Kashmir. This is because in spring as well as autumn, cool breeze blows in the valley. The winters in Rawalakot are cold and chilly.

Rawalakot beautiful lush green valley AJK

Rawalakot beautiful lush green valley AJK is a District in Azad Kashmir State of Pakistan, Rawalakot is one of the most beautiful valleys of KASHMIR which is located 80 km away from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. By Road It takes two and a half hour to Rawalakot which is also famous by the name of “PEARL VALLEY” its specialty is natural beauty. Rawalakot weather is quite erratic. However, the climate of Rawalakot can be divided into four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Banjosa Lake

Banjosa Lake is located in Tehsil Hajira, District Poonch, Azad Kashmir, at a distance of 19 kilometers from Rawalakot City. It is situated at an elevation of 5898 feet above mean sea level. This is the only planned tourist resort in the region. Banjosa is an attractive lake enclosed by lush green mountains offering stunning views. A few rest houses are constructed in the background of this lake. Some tuck shops are also present at the lake. Boating service also exists for the tourists. Weather is usually pleasant in summer and occasional snowfall in winter.

Toli Pir

Toli Pir is basically a hilltop locale located in Tehsil Rawalakot in the Poonch District of Azad Kashmir. It is situated at an elevation of about 8800 feet above sea level. It is approximately 40 kilometers, or a 45 minute drive, from Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. One can view Abbaspur, Bagh and Poonch River from Toli Pir. It is the highest mountainous location in the northeastern part of Rawalakot, it is the spot of origin of three diverse mountain ridges.

Rest Houses

The tourist rest house on the way to Toli Pir is also located in a picturesque site. There are some remains of an aged tomb on the top.Toli Pir is most reachable during the summer months; the climate is usually pleasant but becomes colder from October through March. The area’s natural loveliness is at its climax in April and May.

Devi Gali

Devi Gali is the nearby worth seeing area of Banjosa it can’t be simply bypassed for a joyful expedition. It is really a scenic place for the visitors. A 12 Kilometers journey from Banjosa takes one to Devi Gali.


Tararkhal is positioned at an elevation of 6502 feet. Tararkhal is located at a space of 211 kilometers from Rawalpindi passing through Kohala and 129 kilometers via Azad Pattan. Tararkhal is 31 kilometers away from Rawalakot and 14 kilometers away from Banjosa Lake going towards Sudhnoti. It is a good, little place for visitors. There exisits a PWD rest house where basic accommodation facilities are available. Vital commodities of daily use can be had from the local market. There is a place named Nerian Sharif where you will find the main campus of Mohi-ud-din Islami University along with the Shrine of Ghulam Mohi-ud-din (RA) a Sufi saint.

Poonch River

The site is located on Hajira-Kotli Road, at a distance of 35 KM from Rawalakot City. The site is located in Tehsil Hajira. There are quite a many spots along this route presenting exquisite views of water front. The water passage is quite wide at locations and hence has the potential which may be exploited in developing water based recreation. Moreover, flat and wide land is available next to the river for development.

Tatta Pani

Tatta Pani is positioned on Hajira Road, at a space of 45 kilometers from Rawalakot City. It is situated in Tehsil Hajira, District Poonch,. Tatta Pani is at an elevation of 2237 feet above the sea level. Tatta Pani offers a matchless experience, hot water springs oozing out of the soil and drop into the Poonch River. These are sulphur water springs with water temperature around 86º C in summers and 65º C in the winters. Existing hot water pools were shattered during the flood in River Poonch. Climate is hot in summer and cold in winter. Tatta Pani is positioned on the right bank of the river Poonch, at a space of about 29 kilometers from Hajira and is linked with two fair weather roads, i.e. through Hajira Mandol and through Baluchi Pakhonar road. The distance between Kotli and Tatta Pani is about 26 kilometers.

Sulphur water springs

Tatta Pani is famous for its sulphur water springs. Approximately 500 people visit Tatta Pani on a daily basis to have hot water bath for the cure of skin and aching ailments, during winters. Transportation services for Tatta Pani are available in good number from all key points of the Poonch, Mirpur and Kotli district of Azad Kashmir.

Do not Photograph bridges and military installations,

What Not to Do

Do not swim in the rivers

Do not Travel without your passport and other travel documents in the Northern Areas.

Do not Photograph local women without his permission

Do not Drive on mountain roads at night.

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  1. Rawalakot is located at Latitude 33°51'32.18"N, Longitude 73° 45'34.93"E and an Elevation of 5374 feet. Rawalakot is approximately 76 kilometres (47 mi) from Kahuta and about 120 km (75 mi) from the city of Rawalpindi. It is linked with Rawalpindi and Islamabad via Goyain Nala and Tain roads. Via Kotli Satiyan and Kahuta. It is also linked with Rawalpindi via Sudhnuti.
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