Sargodha is a district of West Punjab (Pakistani Punjab), the capital of the district is Sargodha.  In Punjabi, “sar” is utilized for lake, so it is named as “Sargodha” which signifies “Lake of Godha”. This is likewise minimal opposing because request of words does not reflect Punjabi use. i.e. Amritsar, “The pool of nectar”. The Sargodha City was established by Lady Trooper in 1903.

Crops in Sargodha

It is an agricultural district, wheat, rice, and sugarcane being its main crops. The Sargodha district and region are also famous for citrus fruit; kinnow is a newly developed variety. Sargodha is a city and capital of Sargodha Division, located in Punjab province, Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s 12th largest city by population and one of the fastest-growing cities of the country. Sargodha is also known as the City of Eagles. It is one of the few planned cities of Pakistan. Sargodha is considered the best citrus-producing area of Pakistan and therefore is known as the California of Pakistan. Sargodha is largest kinnow-producing district of the world. It produces oranges that are considered high quality, and supplies them to the different parts of the country.

 Sargodha District is further administrative divided in to 7 Tehsils.

Sargodha Tehsil  

Bhalwal Tehsil

Silanwali Tehsil   

Bhera Tehsil

Sahiwal Tehsil      

Shahpur Tehsil    

Kot Momin  Tehsil 


The literacy rate of Sargodha according to 2017 census was recorded as 80.5%. The city is considered the educational hub of Sargodha Division, Sargodha Division has its own Education Board for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) Examinations. There are about four universities and numerous colleges of Medical Sciences, Law, IT, Commerce, Engineering and Intermediate Courses. Quaid-e- Azam Law College is famous for law education.

PAF Base Mushaf

Sargodha is commonly known as the city of eagles due to its strategic defensive location and the presence of PAF Base Mushaf. People of Sarghoda are very patriotic and immensely support the Pakistani Army and Air Force.

Peoples of Sargodha

People of Sargodha are very peaceful and patience. It is an actually culturally and religion ally diverse city where majority is of Muslims, Christians are second in majority and Hindus are third in number.

Tehsil wise area and population are as under

Sargodha Tehsil Population 1,535,152 (census 2017) Area 1,455 (561.8) (km²)

Bhalwal Tehsil Population 456,206 (census 2017) Area 557 (215.1) (km²)

Silanwali Tehsil Population 344,487 (census 2017) Area 610 (235.5) (km²)

Bhera Tehsil Population 314,369 (census 2017) Area 722 (278.8) (km²)

Sahiwal Tehsil Population 340,695 (census 2017) Area 759 (293.1) (km²)

Shahpur Tehsil Population 353,325 (census 2017) Area 787 (303.9) (km²)

Kot Momin  Tehsil Population 451,978 (census 2017) Area 891 (344.0) (km²)