Shakarparian hills are situated near Zero Point; at a height of 609 meters its terraced garden offers pleasant and sweeping vistas of Margallah and Muree hills. Rawal Lake, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Snak Bar facilities are available. 

History Shakarparian hills

This hill has a great importance in the history of Pakistan. There is a small monument to mark the spot where President Ayub Khan stood with other members and decided that this will be new capital of Pakistan. There used to be a village here with same name. On left side of the hill is Pakistan monument and on the right side it is a garden now called “International Friendship Garden”. Here there are sections where trees were planted by different dignitaries from various countries and a symbol of green friendship. But these sections are closed for public and only you can see the trees and plants and with the description plate at the bottom of each.

Shakarparian hills Islamabad
Shakarparian hills Islamabad

Shakarparian hills View

From here at different points one can see the views of Islamabad. Also it’s a nice place for walk and relaxation. Parking is available on site and a restaurant with few cafes are also there. There are few joy rides as well. The area is well maintained. The place is usually crowded on weekends. People used to sit here and read books while having tea or coffee but not anymore. It is one of the oldest tourist spot in Islamabad.

World’s second most beautiful capital

Beauty gets doubled when nature is combined with modern architecture. Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful capital, designed uniquely and made eco-friendly. This city has a lot to offer, an eye-catching view, a peaceful environment, developed infrastructure, clean roads, and super cool people. One of the most must-visit destinations here is the Shakarparlyan Hills and Pakistan monument, wherefrom once could see the whole city at a time and can also get to know about the history and culture of Pakistan, by visiting Lokvirsa, and the historical museum.

View of Capital

Overlooking the whole of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and rawal lake, the hillock is easily accessible both by car and walking. The monument building( a sign of China -pak friendship) on top is quite attractive. Refreshments stalls are available at different places. Green lawns and numerous kinds of trees are all around. Best location for taking bird eye view of surrounding area.

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