Swati Historic Tribe In Pakistan. About the origin of the Swatis the historians hold different views but the Swatis relate their lineage to Qais Abdur-Rasheed the remote ancestor of the Pathans. During the rule of Mohammad Ghuri they came to Swat where they defeated the Hindus and established their rule Sir Denzil Ibbitson is of the opinion that the original Swatis were a race of Hindu origin who once ruled the whole country into the hills of Swat and Buneer. Later on the Yousafzais expelled them from those places and drove them east and west into Mansehra and Kafristan. they are considered a very heterogeneous people not a pure race.

Swati Historic Tribe in Pakistan

According to a tradition of the Swatis they ruled over Swat and Bajaor for four centuries before the Yousafzais invasion which drove them to Mansehra about the end of the 17th century. The Swatis came to Mansehra, when the Turks ruled over this territory, under the command of Syed Jalal Baba. They ousted the Turks and captured the hilly and plain areas. Jalal Baba divided the whole country among the lashkar except one fourth of it which he kept for himself. Since they came from Swat, therefore, are called Swatis. They occupy the whole of Mansehra district except Tanawal.


There are divided into three great clans, Ghebri, Mamiali and Mitravi of which the first claim Tajik, the Mamiali Yousafzai, and the Mitravi Durrani origin. The Ghebri a section of upper Pakhli occupy Kaghan, Balakot, Ghari Habibullah, Mansehra, Dhodial, Shinkiari, Batagram, Thakot and Konsh while the Mamiali and Mitravi dwell in Bherkund, Agror, Takri and Deshi. In Allai Inhabit both the groups. These groups have been further divided into many subsections. Both educationally and politically they are in a strong position.

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