Syed Arab Tribe in Pakistan The Syeds are the descendants of Hazrat Ali, the Prophet’s son-in-law, who married Hazrat Fatima. They accompanied every Muslim Lashkar either as its leaders or preachers. The Syeds came to Mansehra in both ways. Syeds Jalal Baba, a descendent live in Kaghan and Swabi Maira.
The Syeds helped Syed Ahmad Shaheed in his campaign against the Sikhs. The Syeds of Kaghan for a long time remained independent masters of the glen. The British subdued them in 1852. Major Abbot drove them out from Kaghan but in 1855 they were permitted to get back their territory. During the war of independence, 1857, they helped the British in arresting 55 freedom fighters. The Syeds in Mansehra belong to Tirmazi, Gilani, Mashadi, Bakri and Bukhari sections.
The Syeds are settled in every tehsil of Mansehra. They are very influential and are respected everywhere.

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